resurfaced memories pt. 1

i. rice cooker cake

to this day, I haven’t had a slice of cake as soft, moist, and sweet as the ones made with our first rice cooker.I don’t particularly remember the taste of it; I just know it was faint yellow, and incredibly Good. if there is one thing I’ve been searching for my entire life, if there was one piece of knowledge that I could have, it’d be the recipe for this cake, probably already long lost and forgotten.

ii. oyster sauce

if you look at me now, with my vehement disapproval of my sister’s pickiness for food, you wouldn’t think I was once a child who regularly ate rice with oyster sauce (蚝油饭). truth be told, it was once a household staple. the glass bottle would always be upturned until a giant dollop fell out onto the small sauce dish. it was great with vegetables, but even better with the piping hot rice – it made the rice more tender and flavourful, all while retaining a harmony of salty and sweet, a delightful taste that’d only leave you craving for more.

iii. little critter vitamins/ kawai kanyu drops

there were three types of supplements we took, all of which, for some reason, could be found in the dehumidifier. (I knew this because I’d sometimes secretly nab an extra piece) the first was the kawai kanyu drops: small, skittle-sized, sugar coated drops of hard jelly, which were more of a treat than a vitamin. the next one was a chewable supplement that was artificially grape flavoured and unbelievably disgusting – it’d break down into sandy, grainy powder in your mouth, and leave a sour aftertaste no matter how it was taken. the last kind that we had, before we grew out of them, was little critter vitamins, bought and brought back from our trip to the US. the gummy vites were just candy, but the calcium gummy bears were awful – hard jelly that was too rough on the tongue.


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